A quick look on Natural skin care

A quick look on Natural skin care

Let's talk about your daily skincare routine! What does it look like for you, and what makes you use the products that you use? For me it is simple but conscious, it involves products that are natural and good for my skin.

Your skin is the largest organ you have, it is crucial to give it good nourishing ingredients that will help it rather than cause it harm. Remember it is important to pay attention to what your skin is telling you. Skincare is just one factor in what makes your skin look the way it does, but it's also an important one. Washing your face with a gentle cleanser is a good start to your day, if you wear make up you may consider washing it at the end of your day as well. If you have oily skin it may also be important to wash it twice a day to help with the oils. If you have combination to dry skin it may be in your interest to use a moisturizer after washing. The benefits of using natural and organic skincare products are endless, and all you have to do is try them out to see the real difference that investing in your routine can make.

Did you know that you can cause your skin to become oily or dried out by using too much product? Using face masks or exfoliants too often can cause both of these things to happen. Often times your skin will produce more oil if it feels like it is drying out or if you are using too much product it may be stripping your natural oils away. It is recommended to use exfoliants, masks, or peels sparingly as they are not intended for daily use.

When you look at the ingredients list on your skincare routine, is it a long list? While there might be good reason for this long list, are they natural ingredients?

If you do a bit of research you might find that your drugstore skincare is full of ingredients that aren't really benefitting your skin. You may find that they are causing part of your issues you might be having with your skin.

Natural ingredients have been around for centuries, and believe it or not if they are formulated well and of good quality they work.

If you are having trouble finding a skincare routine that works for you, give a more natural approach a try. It may just surprise you to see the benefits of using natural and organic skincare products! Raw Oats in Buchanan offers a unique variety of handmade skincare options. Shop our available inventory of soap, face wash and face masks now!
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