*Where can I shop Raw Oats in person?

   You can find Raw Oats in various shops in the region of Indiana and Michigan. Please check out our Locations page on the website for the most up to date offerings.

*What kind of ingredients does Raw Oats use?

    Raw Oats uses primarily vegan ingredients. Some of our offerings include honey which is the closest to an animal based ingredient we use. We will also never use micas or fragrance oils. We also will not use ingredients that are known to not be sustainable.

*Why does Raw Oats focus on sustainability?

Sustainability is important not only to us as a business but to the planet as well. Sustainability means using materials and methods that are accessible and have minimal impact on the environment. We will do our diligence to ensure this continues throughout the company's lifespan.

*Why was my order shipped in a box not labeled with your branding?

   Part of that sustainability mantra is to use what you have before buying new. This also includes reusing packaging from materials shipped to us and so on.

*How long does my order take to ship once placed?

   If your items are already made it may ship as soon as 1-2 business days. If your items need to be made it could take up to 14 business days.

* Do you offer pick up or delivery of your goods?

   Yes! If you are within a certain radius of Buchanan, MI or South Bend, IN we can deliver your order to you. Your order must be at least $25 or more for delivery. You are welcome to select pick up at check out which will allow you to pick up from Buchanan, MI or our shop at 905 Portage Ave South Bend, IN.

*Do you offer Wholesale?

   We absolutely do! Please email: rawoats.michigan@gmail.com for more info.

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