About Me

Hi! My name is Kelly. I am an adventurer and an artist. I have fantastic aspirations of bringing natural, handmade skincare to Buchanan customers while on a path towards sustainability!

I started out making gifts for family and friends, people loved the goods I had made. It moved me to do more research about how our skincare routine could be better. I wanted products that were better for the skin as well as the environment. From there I started up "The Apothecary Jar SWMI" while I loved some of the recipes it wasn't good enough for me. That was when I decided to move towards better quality ingredients with better branding and eco-friendly packaging.  I am constantly looking for ways to bringing better ingredients and more sustainable solutions to the shop.  

I love doing the research, and finding natural solutions that help people feel better about their skin. Check out my collection of handmade skin care and natural bar soaps for sale in Buchanan!


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