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Comprised of a gal on a mission to bring all natural and eco-friendly skincare products to customers in Buchanan, while on a path towards sustainability. It is my mission to bring quality skincare to you. If it is in my collection it is something I have tested personally and know it works. You will always be able to understand the ingredients on each label, and I am happy to answer any questions about how each product may work for you. Research and education on ingredients and their benefits for the skin as well as the planet are key factors in deciding what ingredients are used.

We are expanding to offer a variety of eco-conscious goods with options to bring your own container and explore some amazing options for your daily life.

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Put sustainability into your routine.

As Raw Oats. grows it is important to me to work towards sustainability both as a small business and as an individual. Currently I am working with a few green companies for my paper products as well as a good portion of my ingredients. Boxes are reused, packaging is recycled, and if it cant be recycled i find someone who can reuse it.

Supporting Raw Oats. is the perfect way to change up your skin care routine and make conscious decisions about what and where you are purchasing from.

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  • Your skin is important

    Your skin is the largest of your organs. Throughout your day it absorbs much of your environment. While we cannot always control what our skin absorbs, we can help what we put on it. Handmade with care in Buchanan, check out our amazing skincare line for your face.

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  • Reduce, Reuse, Refill

    Minimize your plastic, your waste, and the chemicals. Shop our Refillery selection for your daily household and personal consumables.

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  • Save your skin, and the planet

    All of our skin care products in Buchanan are made with all natural ingredients, and our packaging is eco-friendly.

    For the Body 
  • "This soap [IPA Beer Soap] is amazing! The lather is silky almost like lotion and leaves my skin feeling clean but not dry or itchy like some bar soaps. The scent is soft and almost oat but it comes alive in the shower with earthy bite of hops. Shipped on time and neatly packaged in a cute little box." - Allison S.

  • Love love love the honey camomile face wash! I never want to wash my face with anything different. It made my skin feel so soft and clean without drying it out.

    -Riley S.

  • "This face wash [Honey Chamomile Foaming Face Wash] is so gentle... yet effective on my sensitive skin. I liked the smell of chamomile and honey." - Juanita L.

  • Kelly makes amazing products! I got her beard oil for my partner and the smell is absolute HEAVEN. I just wanna smell his face all the time…more than usual anyways. I also have purchased her natural deodorant, SAY LESS. You’ll feel so clean and fresh. Highly highly HIGHLY recommend Raw Oats for everything you need regarding skincare.

    -Leighanne R.

  • "My husband and I love Raw Oats products! The soap leaves us feeling clean and refreshed. We’ve purchased a lot of handmade soaps but we love these the best! The hair serum works great too. Can’t wait to try the deodorant!" - Kara D.

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