Sustainability in Skin Care

Sustainability in Skin Care

What exactly is sustainable skincare? The purpose of sustainable skin care is to select products that both meet our needs as consumers and don’t have a negative impact on the environment. It is also about supporting those brands and companies that make the right decisions, from where they get their ingredients to how they package their products. It can be overwhelming trying to find the best brand to support since so many out there claim to have sustainable practices, but there are a few things you can be on the lookout for when deciding what products to use.

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You can feel better when you see “Certified Organic” and additional accreditations when it comes to skin care brands, and it also shows that they are being held accountable for whatever kinds of claims they are making regarding their products. Choosing products that are made with responsibly sourced oils is also something to keep your eyes peeled for, and finding brands that use reusable or compostable packing are also a way to live a more zero waste and sustainable lifestyle.

Animal Welfare

In order to be sure you are using products that are free from animal testing, you should look for brands that are “Cruelty Free.” The vagueness around this term does still remain, and while a company can claim they are cruelty free, they may still still use animal derivatives in their products. There are resources you can use to find truly cruelty free brands like Cruelty Free Kitty or Ethical Elephant.


You want to be sure you are supporting a company who is also transparent in how they treat their workers. The best way to ensure a company's workers are treated fairly and support workers rights is to see if they have been recently audited by the Fairtrade Foundation. How companies talk about their ingredients and where they are sourced is another way to see how ethical their brand is. Are they claiming they are ethical, or do they actually show how they are ethical through their sourcing processes?


Botanical doesn’t always mean safe, and some of the wider known “natural” ingredients aren’t always something that is good for your skin. It’s important to do patch tests when buying new products from sustainable companies. Choosing fragrance-free and hypoallergenic is also a good way to play it safe if you know you have sensitive skin. Skin Deep and Think Dirty can help you determine whether or not a natural product is as safe as it claims.

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At Raw Oats, we love the planet and we love our customers. We know the importance that comes with being a sustainable skin care company and we don’t take the responsibility lightly. Our products are safe and locally made in Michigan, and we can guarantee your skin will feel better, and even thank you, when you use our brand. Shop our selection of sustainable and eco-friendly skin care products today!

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