Community and Support

Community and Support

It has always been a growing idea in my mind to support those in your community as much as possible.  Why purchase from a big box store if someone in your community makes it just as well if not better?  Did you know each time you support small business they are overwhelmed by the support?  It literally makes my day to have someone purchase something I made.  Why not do good with a small business as it grows?  That's when we decided to reach out to small businesses especially those we felt would make for great collaboration.  Here in Buchanan, we have two collaborations that we cherish greatly!  I mean what is better than a lightly exfoliating super bubbly beer soap?!  How about one that was made with ingredients grown right here in Buchanan?  This started our collaboration with River Saint Joe Brewery.  Did we mention their passion for better ingredients and sustainable operations?!  What could we love more?  You will only find this soap on the retail shelves in their Brewery.  

One of the owners believed in supporting community just as much as I do.  She put me in contact with a local coffee roaster.

I was at that time already producing a coffee soap, but I knew when I spoke with Erin, her coffee was going to make for a special collaboration.  Her coffee was inspired by major love for her Vizsla dog as well as a passion for rescues.  Each bag of her coffee gives back to Midwest Vizsla Rescue.   I knew in creating this soap I was going to give back as well.  If you have met me, you know how much I love dogs!  It only made sense for me to give back to the same cause with the soaps I made.

While these are only a couple reasons we love supporting small, we can't wait to share more with you!


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