Meet your Maker.

Meet your Maker.


My name is Kelly, and I am the maker and owner of Raw Oats.  I am an entrepreneur who has a passion for natural skincare, good causes, and eco-friendly swaps.  I have always had an interest in doing better for my daily routine as well as a better mindset for the way we consume and dispose of things.  When I am not making skincare, I am reading a good book, out in my kayak (weather permitting), or behind the lens shooting a wedding.  

Ever since I was a little girl they would teach us in school that we needed to take care of our planet, that we were on a path to adverse effects on our Earth.  We consumed and disposed goods as if they were in endless supply.  It was time to do something good that I could share with the world.

I started doing some serious research on natural ingredients, it was important to create recipes that worked and had good benefits for the skin.  I found several ingredients that were incredibly nourishing and started working on my recipes.  I tested out recipes on myself and gifted some to family after getting the quality where I wanted it.  

The overall consensus was that they loved the products I made and wanted to use them daily.  I decided it was time to see if the general public would love them.  I loved hearing my customers stories about how my skincare worked for them.  I was overjoyed when it helped their struggles.  I decided my products needed to be offered wherever possible.  I have been working to attend artisan markets in southwest Michigan, and northwest Indiana, as well as getting my products into local stores and co-ops.Purple porch co-op, South Bend, Indiana

I work everyday to find better quality ingredients with more eco-friendly certification and production methods.  I hope to continue my path to the best ingredients i can offer, as well as the most sustainable.  Every small effort counts, and I hope you will find that your efforts to make these swaps in your daily routine will help you as well!

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