Myths about bar soap, and why bar soap is all I use.

Myths about bar soap, and why bar soap is all I use.

Let's talk about what we think we know about bar soap. Often times I hear people say: bars are drying to their skin, they don't last as long, or that they just don't get the difference.

When looking at a commercial soap from the store, whether in bar form or liquid, one may find they can both be drying to the skin.  Flip the container over to the ingredients and you will see a long list on each of them of ingredients that are unfamiliar and certainly aren't benefitting your skin.  Most of these products are labeled as moisturizing or nourishing with minimal ingredients that actually do these things.  Your best bet is to begin by reading labels before you purchase.  

Did you know that most of your commercially sold bars are considered detergents?  This means that they have cleansing properties without having good moisturizing or nourishing properties.  

Good soap starts with quality fats and oils, and minimal fillers.  Sure oils like canola and palm can moisture the skin, but the benefits are minimal.  These oils are also inexpensive, and when looking at palm oil for the most part is not sustainable.  

Why doesn't bar soap last long?  

There are a couple good reasons they may not.  The first is that the bar is being left near the shower head or just excess water when not in use.  The second is that the ratio of hard and soft fats and oils is not balanced.  You will find a good balance with Raw Oats handmade skincare products and soap bars, and if cared for correctly they will last well over a month depending on frequency of use. Making the switch to bar soap has never been easier!

Soap bars can be made sustainably, and beneficial for your skin, they are also great for eliminating plastic.  

If you're on the fence about making the switch, I encourage you to give bar soap another go.  Your skin will thank you!  Plus I know a gal that makes an amazing bar (well more than one of course!). At Raw Oats in Buchanan, we ensure that making the switch to bar soap is easy with our handmade skincare products. For a more masculine scent, try our Cedarwood Bar, infused with essential oils and turmeric powder. For something a little softer, purchase our English Garden Soap, scented with lavender, scotch pine, and palmarosa.


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