Philanthropy and important causes

Philanthropy and important causes

There are many important causes to support.  As an entrepreneur and business owner, I feel I have only begun to scratch the surface.

It started out with donated products to smaller organizations and people.  We donated our first gift basket to a silent auction for Life Treatment Center of South Bend.  They work with people who have chemical based addiction to recover and come back into society.  While I don't have a personal connection with their cause I feel it is an important one.  

The next cause is near and dear to my heart.  We donated part of the proceeds from our collaboration soap with Red Dog Coffee Roasters to Midwest Vizsla Rescue.  I met the owner of Red Dog Coffee Roasters who donates part of the proceeds from her coffee back to the same rescue.  I love dogs you guys!  It only felt right to give back to a cause that inspired such a fun bar of soap!  We plan to continue doing so for a little while.


The most recent cause hits home for me.  I was asked to donate something for gift bags given to survivors of cancer at the Relay for Life event in St. Joe County/Mishawaka,  IN.  For me this was an important cause, my mother is a breast cancer survivor and many of my family members have been affected by cancer.  Fifty bars of soap later, I decided I would make more for my collection.  These bars will be sold online and at markets.  For each bar sold I will be making a dollar donation back to Relay For Life.  


My hope is to support more environmental and local causes as my business grows.  I feel it's important to do good with the things I create.  

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