Valentine's and conscious gifting

Valentine's and conscious gifting

It's Valentine's Day and you're perusing the thousands of options to gift your partner.  While they loved the flowers and chocolates last year, you both have become more conscious consumers since then and know the lifespan of both of those gifts.  The truth is there are better options out there.

If you decide to go the chocolate route, look for a bar that has more sustainable practices and certifications.  This may sound over the top, however there are tons of chocolate companies with poor and unsustainable practices.   One of our favorite sustainable chocolate brands is Tony's Chocolonely.  Their mission is to source chocolate that is 100% slave free.  You can read more about this here:

Rather than gifting one of those impulsive beauty gift sets with all the packaging, put together self care items that you know they will use and enjoy.  These items are consumables and if purchased from an eco-friendly company they will have minimal packaging and impact on the environment.  These things will also be more thoughtful than something prepackaged and covered in wasteful materials.

Take a look at what Plastic Oceans has to say about the waste associated with Valentine's Day here:

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