Why is Our Name “Raw Oats.?”

Why is Our Name “Raw Oats.?”

We get asked all the time what raw oats have to do with our name. Do we use raw oats in our products? While we do use oats in some of our skincare products, the name Raw Oats. doesn’t have anything to do with oats. Let me explain! 

The name was created out of the idea that raw oats are natural, and they can be considered eco-friendly. Oats are also a low-input crop which means they require fewer resources than other traditional grains. When they are grown using a sustainable agriculture model, they stimulate crop diversity and can combat erosion of soil. We wanted our name to be reflective of an eco-friendly and natural product, something that a customer could see and know that it meant sustainability and an eco-conscious brand. Thus, Raw Oats. was born.

Our mission at Raw Oats. is to provide our customers with natural and eco-friendly skincare products that not only make them feel good about their skin, but feel good about their low impact on the planet. While leading a sustainable life means making the conscious decision to create less waste, it all starts with the decision to begin in the first place. When a lot of people make small choices, big things can happen.

Products from Raw Oats. come in recyclable and reusable packaging which makes it easier for our customers to take steps towards more zero waste and sustainable living. Our products are also made with natural ingredients and we share all our ingredients on our website. Nothing is a secret, we are here to be as transparent as possible, and help others live sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyles.

So, while our name may have oats in the title, there is more to our name than what you first see. Our name reflects a brand on the path to clean and natural skincare products that make you feel good, and do good by the planet. Shop now!

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