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Magnesium Spray

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 Our very own Magnesium Spray is here!

If you haven't heard about the craze here's a little info on what it's about.

Magnesium spray is incredibly beneficial to the body. It's helpful for muscle aches, restless legs, getting more restful sleep, anxiety and so much more. 

Ours is made in a 4oz bottle with a beautiful blend of essential oils: clary sage, frankincense, and sage for a restful experience. 

This Spray can also be used as a replacement for deodorant. 

If you have sensitive skin it is recommended that you test on a small space on the bottoms of your feet. 

Product may cause tingle or slight burn which is commonly caused by low levels of Magnesium in the body.  It should not continue to cause this effect with consistent use.  

This product is not recommended for those with kidney disease or severe heart disease.